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SECT, inc. is an engine for platform for sharing the choreographic collaborations of Lavinia Eloise Bruce and Josie Bettman. 

One time, in the dressing room on the fourth floor of New York City Center Studios, Maya Plisetskaya and Ida Rubinstein shared a pair of headphones and schemed about making a dance to Ravel's Boléro. In their sweaty post-class daze, the dancers forgot to exchange phone numbers and never followed up on their idea. Boléro (Club Edit) is a speculative dance that takes this missed connection as a point of departure. 

Boléro (Club Edit)


boléro procedures II: lec/dem/fan/fic 

choreography via SECT, inc.

text/performance: Josie Bettman

sound: Lavinia Eloise Bruce

boléro procedures II: lec/dem/fan/fic is a conceptual duet created for "A Night of Duets" organized by Juli Brandano at ing performance space in October 2021. The piece frames an encounter between a solo performer and the memory of her currently unavailable dance partner against a backdrop of projected text. 

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