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SECT, inc. is a choreography startup co-directed by Josie Bettman and Lavinia Eloise Bruce. Their works incubate hybridity between dance and performance in order to access speculative modes of self-determination. 

Their debut ensemble performance, titled


Group work






was performed by Iliana Penichet-Ramírez, Ella Dawn W-S, Isa Spector, Lavinia Eloise Bruce, and Josie Bettman at Pageant, March 23rd and 24th, 2023. 

Flier by Val Franco

Performance documentation by Zhi Wei

stills - 1 of 1 (35).jpeg
stills - 1 of 1 (9).jpeg

Boléro (Club Edit)


boléro procedures II: lec/dem/fan/fic 

choreography via SECT, inc.

text/performance: Josie Bettman

sound: Lavinia Eloise Bruce

boléro procedures II: lec/dem/fan/fic is a conceptual duet created for "A Night of Duets" organized by Juli Brandano at ing performance space in October 2021. The piece frames an encounter between a solo performer and the memory of her currently unavailable dance partner against a backdrop of projected text. 

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