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DJ hokey pokey semi-sheer pastoral dancefloor 

Session 4 of spring 2021 improv club hosted by Leah Samuels and Amelia Heintzelman in Prospect Park

class description:

This one-off dance experience is aimed at cultivating sustainable and continuous motion. Within the public space of the park and the semi-permeable container of the soundtrack, we’ll do a playful warm up and move into working with improvisational scores. The scores are meant to encourage specific relationships to tempo, focus, tension, and repetition. We’ll build together in the direction of a group compositional moment. Leaning towards a dancefloor-like vibe, this class values dancers’ engagement and energy over their level of “skill”.  

soundtrack by Organic Mom


This video documents a class session that took place via Zoom on April 14th, 2020. 

The class arose under COVID-19-induced lockdown, as an attempt to cope with losing the dancefloor, an essential space for self-determination, seeking new ways of witnessing and being witnessed. Through the practice of this class, students were asked to conduct energy in order to sustain queer frequencies through recourse to sensorial connection via the webcam. 

mix by Alex Kane

featuring designs by Official Rebrand

edited by MI Leggett

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