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Josie Bettman is a choreographer and performing artist who practices dance-making as a mode of both self-generation and interpersonal relation. Since 2019, she has developed a series of solo performances in an 8x10ft room that visualize transformation through extremes of scale, repetition, and effort, performing these solos at venues such as Bronx Academy of Art and Dance; Junior High, Los Angeles; The Living Gallery, Bushwick; and ING Studio, Ridgewood. She co-directs SECT, inc. with Lavinia E. Bruce, and has collaborated as a performer in works by Phoebe Berglund, Milka Djordevich, Amelia Heintzelman/Leah Fournier, and Anna-Thérèse Witenberg. She often fantasizes about NCPDME, Newtown Creek’s as-yet-unrealized performance ensemble-in-residence. 

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