The iterations learned from one another but they had crucial differences among them. I layered video projection and lighting design into the second iteration of the project, and then separated those elements out, ending up with a highly physical and sonically confrontational work that could be adapted to the “low tech high visibility work in progress showing” environment that is Judson. The second iteration elucidated key formal ideas that are contained within the technological setup that this work presents, and how these formal ideas find expression with the support of physical material and choreography, The physical material informs the virtual, and vice versa, so the two modes can be separated out from one another. 


It’s possible to keep moving because it’s so easy, addictive, available, slutty, libidinal. I feel stupid partying, making art that references partying but is actually cut off from the real space of a party. I have these conflicting desires, they negate each other, they are destructive, not productive, not reproducible, constantly irritating these frameworks of value. 

© 2019 Josie Bettman.